Thursday, November 21, 2013

                                    Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ       

           I have some good and bad news about our brothers in Africa. I had hoped to bring them here with us, but when I met with the bishop, it was a no. I had been hearing that this may happen so had been praying to our Lord that I wouldn’t lose them.  This is when the Holy Spirit showed me to start a Divine Mercy Brothers there in Kenya, so we have done just that. There is now a Divine Mercy Brothers of Kenya getting started there in Africa.  Br. Paul has been working with the poor, sick, dying in Kenya for some time now and his brothers will continue. As for us here, we will continue been cloistered and will be the prayer source for his work. He now has been blessed with a car, house and land to grow all his food to eat and sell for his money, so keep him also in your prayers.
           Well in meeting with our bishop here in El Paso TX, he told me he could see that our community could benefit the diocese but I had no community to work with. I explained to him how my brothers were scattered all over the place and needed his help to get them all together. That’s when he told me he couldn’t help but to keep in touch with him. We are now trying to see how we can come together. Our deacon will be trying to meet with the bishop here and may come down from NJ to do that. As for me, I had been helping my mother take care of my sick sister but has just lost her and now it is just me and my 84 year old mother. I have asked our Lord now what, we are not getting any younger. I more and more have seen that it is all in God’s hands and His time and all we can do is pray and trust in our Lord.

                 Keep us all in your prayers, God Bless and may His Mercy be with you always,

                                                     Br. Emile


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