Thursday, June 6, 2013

I will tell you a little about ourselves; there are five of us from defend places of the globe.

           We have our Deacon Michael  from the Diocese of Trenton New Jersey. He was ordained in 2005 and now retired at 63 has tried to find an order to take him. But, as the same for me, he was too old for any order. This is when he found us and scents he was in the Divine Mercy, it suits him well. He has done missions, retreats and would hope he could continue doing them for you. He is also a certified hospital and sheriff’s chaplain. But, can’t do anything until the community has been sanctioned by a bishop. He also hopes he would be our first priest.
          Then there is another young man JohnPaul 35 from Kia Nigeria in Africa that is hopping to join the Divine Mercy Brothers of our Lady of Guadalupe. He has been with the Divine Mercy movement in his home parish for 9 year now. This is why he wants to serve our Lord by spreading His message of mercy to all.
          Then David from Kentucky 53 also that is inquiring information on us. He had been in the seminary in the 70’s but in all the changes in the church at that time. His seminary was closed and disbanded. He has been trying to get back in to it all but now, like us to old and found us in his search.
          Africa is a hot spot for men seeking to serve our Lord. Paul Ogada a 31 year old seminarian that had his congregation collapse and found himself without one. He is now asking us if he could join our congregation. He has been before the Blessed Sacrament grieving over all this and asks for another congregation to take him.
          Then there is myself;  a divorcee at 59 with two grown children find myself seeking to serve our Lord and I too find I was too old and In my older teens I had been in the Franciscan order but lift after 3 yrs. marring in two years and now divorced after 31yrs. While in my search, finding that many people with the same desire to serve our lord, coming together and forming new communities of religious men and women. Thus, the Divine Mercy Brothers of our Lady of Guadalupe DMB.
 Come and join us as we serve our Lord in prayer and adoration as                                        Divine Mercy Brothers.


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